Whistler, Whistler Village, And Blackcomb Mountain Overview

The resort town of Whistler lays in the Southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains; which falls under the province of British Columbia, Canada. known as Whistler Blackcomb, located near the foot of Garibaldi Provincial Park’s and only about 78 miles north of Vancouver. Developed as the “Resort Municipality of Whistler”, it was once a sleepy little ski town. Today, however, it is the best world-class ski and snowboarding resort in the world. The place boasts of many well-known locations that approximately over two million people visit it every year. The primary attraction of visitors to Whistler is snowboarding, skiing and dirt biking. The Whistler Mountain and the Blackcomb Mountain are the two distinct magnificent mountains in the area.  The area has a prolific stretch of the glacier and protracts ski season up till August annually. Whistler village has won numerous design awards for its pedestrian village. Many skiing and snowboarding magazines covet it as one of the top destinations in North America since the mid-1990s. The name Whistler is in keeping with the hoary marmot that is native to the very hills of the resort, which emits a high-pitched whistling noise.

Usage of the Mountains for the 2010 Olympics:

In the year 2010, Vancouver and Whistler became hosts for the winter Olympic Games and the Paralympic games. This was big for Whistler, as it marked significant developments with the upgrade on the Sea to Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler. Other developments that came about with the winter Olympics were the Whistler Olympic Park and Sliding Centre. These are still in use for public tours, world cup competitions, local sports, and recreation. The Whistler Olympic Plaza offers massive stretches of lawn for playing various games, picnicking for the locals and visitors, live music and theatre. The Athletes’ Village, on the other hand, has a brand new youth hostel with a high-performance gym that lodges athletes in training and houses many locals at reasonable prices. Monuments like the Olympic Rings or Inukshuk have become a permanent piece and parcel of Whistler. These monuments are a perfect spot for tours and photos for visitors. All such developments and constructions made during the 2010 Olympics persist in Whistler. These improvements continue to serve as the sporting complex and training center as well as attractive tourist spots for the masses who come to Whistler to experience and live the legacy that was.

The Best Time for Dirk Biking, Skiing, And Snowboarding

The season of spring in Whistler is the best time to be for dirt biking. This is due to less snow on the trails. When it comes to sports of different natures, climatic changes is the only limitation. In Whistler, people can enjoy the luxury of snowboarding, skiing and dirt biking regardless of the season. Spring is the pivotal month in Whistler, between March and April and most times stretches through May when both the games are simultaneously available for people to enjoy. Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains are every avid skier’s and snowboarding destination to experience the mountains. With over 200+ marked trails, 16 alpine bowls, various world-class terrain parks, 8,100 acres of snow-covered slopes, and three glaciers. Skiing Options for skiers include the advanced-level riders at the Solar Coastal Zone on the Blackcomb Mountainside. For a mellower ride, the peak-to-peak gondola to the Whistler side is ideal. As for dirt biking, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park is the best place to begin. This bike part gives some of the best rides in North America. There are many other webs of trails to relish and experience the thrill of riding alongside the expanse of vast nature.

Other Things to do in Whistler: Whistler Village, dirt biking, nearby hikes

Whistler Village lies at the base of both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Since its inception, the peace and serenity that the village life offers drew in a mega inflow of visitors. People from all over the world come annually to the village. Whistler village is the full package that provides people with the comfort of life from the mountains. The place has a continuous and busy activity of people shopping and renting skis, snowboards, and bikes. This is combined with lounging sunny patios and restaurants, free open-air concerts, street entertainment, markets, and safety for kids exploring the grounds in the natural habitat.

Whistler is the mecca to thousands of adventure-smitten bikers, skiers, snowboarders, hiker and various other sports. As a result, you will often meet travelers from around the world here. The excellent Whistler Dirt Biking trail allows bikers to ride the high stretch of nature through Whistler. The park possesses the best biking areas around North America. As of 2018, the announcement for new developments and an excellent addition to the already existing infrastructure released.

Hiking is another way to know Whistler better and explore its every organic core by foot. Whistler is the best place to be for either a lazy stroll or an energetic hike. The Cheakamus Trail is a favourite hiking pass with longer walk trails, overnight campsites, natural lake, etc. Other hiking trails Garibaldi Lake, Crater Rim Trail, High Note Trail, Brandywine Falls, and more.

Getting to Whistler from downtown Vancouver

For the out-of-town visitors the Vancouver International Airport is the closest to get to Whistler. Once in Vancouver, there are multiple ways of reaching Whistler. These options include renting a car, car share or rideshare, or shuttle bus. Green Lake is the only water airport in Whistler that goes in and out to Vancouver. The options to get to Whistler are many, and the cost of most of the transport is reasonable.