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Vancouver is a beautiful city eh? Maybe you are already scrambling to find tickets for your flight or hotel. I don’t blame you. The city is simply breathtaking, and one of the cleanest cities in the world. On top of that, there are an endless amount of things to do in Vancouver. My name is Ryan and I am the website author/creator. I created this travel blog with you in mind. There are so many reasons you could be here.  Maybe you are planning a visit to Vancouver. Or, perhaps you are planning on moving here. Additionally, you could just be a local without a plan of what to do in Vancouver. I have lived in Vancouver my whole life and have always had fun showing people around. On top of this, Vancouver has a huge tourism industry. I know there are a lot of people looking for the perspective Must See Vancouver can provide. This beautiful city offers so many different attractions for different tourists. From world-class food, spectacular mountains, and an exciting hip city Vancouver certainly appeals to many people. Must See Vancouver is essentially the best Vancouver tour guide on the internet.

A Small Background

I often see those tour buses around the city, packed with tourists. In these moments I think to myself “what if these people had someone to show them where to go?”. That was when I realized I had to help through a travel blog. My Vancouver tour guide won’t just be focused on must-see attractions though. I will be bringing you hidden gems, especially if you join my newsletter, as well! Best of all there are no costs for this Vancouver tour guide. I have written articles on this webpage that will highlight things to do in Vancouver and tips for traveling to Vancouver. Must See Vancouver covers things to do in Vancouver, and tourist tips. Everything from Whistler to YVR will be covered in detail for your knowledge. Pairing the information on here with Tripadvisor, Groupon, and other websites will bring you the best holiday yet. One last thing, If anything on Must See Vancouver helps you out, give us a follow via your favorite social media platform.

The #1 Travel Blog For Things to do in Vancouver

This travel blog will consistently bring you quality content. Whether it be blog posts and articles, or things I share over social media. I am hoping to make everyone’s visit the city a little bit easier. A bit of a fair warning, I am an avid fan of hiking and camping. As a result, this travel blog will inherently cater more towards outdoor activities in Vancouver. Not to fret though, I am working on a local events calendar that will highlight things to do in Vancouver every month that I think everyone will enjoy. I have spent a lot of time not only hosting tourists but also being a guest. This experience has let me see the perspective on both sides of the process. I highly value the experience I get with each different host. Must See Vancouver will bring you a bit of me, and all of the experience I have shared through my hosts.

Things to do in vancouver

You watch to catch the sunset on the beach.

Vancouver Travel Tips and Trip Planning

Without further ado, let us get into some tips for your trip. For my general overview of the city, I have highlighted a few articles for you to check out. If neither of these applies to you, check out the rest of my blog posts. There is a large number of posts on things to do in Vancouver. If you can’t find it in the blog section, use the search command.

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