Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities to spend your holidays in the world, offers a variety of tourist attractions. It is a location where you get a perfect blend of urban and natural attractions. You may miss a few locations during your Vancouver trip, but never think about missing a chance of watching Killer Whales. This aquatic creature is simply a must see for any Vancouver holiday. the unique and exciting killer whale watching would be the most thrilling experience of your life. This guide will help you in making perfect plans if you killer whale watching is not included in your Vancouver holiday plans.

Know when to plan the trip:

If you are thinking that the killer whales reside near Vancouver throughout the year, then unfortunately it is not true. The best time to watch killer whales is between March and October. Thousands of killer whales migrate here during this time frame. You should plan your Vancouver trip during this time to ensure you can watch the activities of killer whales. The Whale Watching Tours agencies also operate between March and October. So, if you choose other months to enjoy holidays in Vancouver, you may not get a chance of watching orca whales.

Plan for at least a 3-hour trip:

Agencies that offer whale watching tours take you through some of the most scenic places in the West Coast. For example, the fishing village, San Juan Island, and Gulf. These are quite attractive seaside locations where you can spend some time by the seaside.  It will be an additional treat to any whale watching tour.

Check the vessels:

Before you start the journey, you should ensure that you have chosen a tour company that uses highly safe and perfectly maintained vessels. Of course, whale watching is a safe and enjoyable activity when it comes the best things to do in Vancouver. It can get a lot safer and comfortable if you choose an agency that offers expedition style boats for the tour. These vessels are the best for marine mammal viewing. The expedition vessels move over the top of the water rather than pounding through it. You feel better comfort and safety throughout the tour. It can still be bumpy on these expedition style boats, however. If you tend to get seasick, plan ahead.

Book a tour online:

Thousands of people visit Vancouver every year to watch orca whales. These whales also migrate from other parts of the world and they love the company of tourists around them. There are some renowned agencies, offer whale watching Vancouver tours. You can book an affordable tour by finding a perfect package at Groupon. This site offers packages for Vancouver holidays and some of these packages include whale watching tours. You can get complete details on touring agencies, their vessels, service records, and facilities they provide during the tour. Thus, you can make a comprehensive check and then book a trip to the one that fits your fancy.

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