Vancouver is admired for the innate splendor that nature has bestowed upon it. The Coast Mountain gamut ascends dramatically from the Pacific to make up for a glass-walled urban city flanking a cluster of bays. Progressing to become a popular tourist destination, the young city is making strong efforts to be a global cycling destination. This is evident from its growing networks of picturesque bike routes and dedicated, protected bike lanes. The city of Vancouver is pairing their updates to the transit system, with an increased emphasis on bicycling. I highly recommend you go for you set aside time for Vancouver bicycling. If you are curious on other forms of transit, check out my Translink guide. It is the goal of this city to use only clean energy by 2050 in terms of electricity and transportation. Keeping this in mind, it has already met a target of having 50% of all its tours via public transit, biking, or walking. So, finding a Vancouver bike rental is now easy and biking along the attractions is certainly a memorable experience. There are plenty of bike rental locations making it a common tourist activity. The city has also introduced Mobi bike, a popular bike rental program with various pickup stations throughout the city.

Vancouver Bike Riding Background

Vancouver Bicycling is common in the city. With over 279 miles of biking routes, it is not surprising why cycling is now the fastest growing means of traveling in the city.  The moderate climate seems to be a boon for facilitating cycling almost throughout the year. Thus, a comprehensive network exists, which consists of bike routes, protected lanes for cycling, and greenways to ride on two wheels. There are several biking routes and cycling paths, ranging from easy terrain flanking the famous and fantastic Stanley Park to mountain biking at the northern coast. There are dedicated routes to ride you safely via the busy downtown, streets that are full of bikes than cars, and separate lanes on major streets from the centre. Cycling is an ideal way to explore the downtown and the immaculate beauty of this metropolitan. This is because it is easy to avail, quick to pass by on the dedicated lanes, and faster than other transport options to get around the downtown. One reason for this is perhaps the lack of big hills that otherwise may have obstructed these benefits of Vancouver cycling. Further, most trails are meant for any cyclist level and are accessible within an hour from the downtown. The chief attractions are situated closely such that they are easily accessible through cycling. Even the airport is accessible in this way, as it is the matter of 10 km. Another plus point is that for riding further, you can easily carry the bikes on public transit such as buses, SeaBus, and SkyTrain.

vancouver bicycling

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The Best Biking Routes in Downtown

Vancouver offers superb views to cyclists and walkers alike. The engaging views of hills, city skyline, stunning rock arts, gardens, forest, and ocean, at times, can congest even a 60-minute route. However, this itself is the testimony of how stunning the attractions on the biking route are! Several locals seem to prefer biking on the same Vancouver cycling routes as the tourists. However, they prefer to do so early or late when the traffic is less. A few route views in the downtown are truly spectacular. Let’s look at them!

Downtown and Stanley Park

This is perhaps a 3-hour tour on wheels that takes you through the top attractions. It can be challenging to explore the whole park in one go, as it is full of historic landmarks, sandy beaches, cool gardens, different restaurants, and the state’s largest aquarium. You can choose to cover 6-mile ride along the seawall flanking the whole park to expose the best views. Another option is to go a bit speedily through the park to explore the rose garden and ending at the Lost Lagoon for watching birds. You being from the city’s West End and pass by the colorful Davie Street village and Mole Hill community having maximum heritage homes. Then, you reach the heart of downtown, the Robson Square after which you move towards the Vancouver Convention Centre. Next, you move towards the 13.5-mile seawall in the city’s exterior and then to the Stanley Park.

Jericho Beach – UBC – Pacific Spirit Park

This is another scenic ride from the surfer’s paradise, the Jericho Beach at the coast of the English Bay. This trail passes through the coast and banks where soccer and volleyball are favorite sports. You can stop at a beach concession stand for having a picnic on one of the coastal banks or move ahead on the route taking you to the University of British Columbia (UBC). The major attractions here are the Museum of Anthropology, a botanical garden, and a memorial garden. You then terminate the journey at Pacific spirit regional park in which the trails take you via the forested areas.


Regarded as the third largest settlements in North America, the revitalized Chinatown is surrounded by downtown’s business districts. A biking ride of at least two hours indulges you in a blend of heritage buildings, vintage shops, and classical gardens.

Arbutus Greenway Bike Path

This is somewhat an off-beaten path but a must to choose if you wish to see the future bikeway corridor of the city. An erstwhile rail route is now a scenic biking route taking one through parks, scenic views, and neighborhoods. Connecting the False Creek and the river named Fraser, this new urban landscape is accessible throughout the year. This 5-mile path starts from Arbutus street accessible from Granville island market and ends at Milton street.

Where to Find Bike Rental Stores Near English Bay/Stanley Park

Many Vancouver bike rental stores are either close by or directly on the off-road routes, making it easy and safe to rent for some great outdoor fun. At most of these stores, you can even take up a guided bike tour. For biking, it is mandatory to wear helmets at all times. So, most shops will give a helmet and even a lock. Many stores also have diverse and friendly options such as electric bikes, kids’ bikes, and baby seats. You can find such stores near the entrance of the Stanley Park and near English Bay.

Mobi Bike: Public Bike Sharing System in Vancouver

Mobi, a new bike share program, can be the most convenient way for bike rental during your trip. With more and more mobi bike stations being available, it is easy to rent a mobi bike. With such a bike, you pay under $10 daily and enjoy unlimited short rides for free up to half an hour. This is great for moving from one attraction to another without having to take a taxi of bus. The Mobi bike website has a bunch of helpful resources. If you are looking for rent rental usage throughout the city, I highly recommend you check out their webpage. One thing to note, the bikes are rather heavy.

There are plenty of Mobi Bike Stations throughout Vancouver.