Vancouver is a charming spot settled between the seashore and the mountains. Also known as, the “Hollywood in North”, it is one of the most unappreciated tourist spots. Anyone who desires for a pause in his or her busy life and relishes in being surrounded by the beauty of nature must visit Vancouver. Vancouver is a place which fits for all kind of tourists.

The fall season here brings out the pleasant colors of nature. If you wish to check them all by yourself, then you can try driving north through the Highway 99, popularly known as the sky to sea highway. Here the reflections of the multicolored mountain on the water offers a stunning view. These beautiful mountains stretch for hours providing a scenic drive. The North area of Vancouver all the way to Whistler is a hub for the travelers.

There are highway food markets, farmers markets, and flea markets in Vancouver. The famous Richmond Night Market is the prime night market in Vancouver with over 500 food choices, carnival games, 100 retail stalls, and live entertainment. North Vancouver also has the Shipyard Night Market every Friday night. The Best Vancouver Flea Market is the Eastside Flea Market. Every other weekend it has vintage clothing, collectibles, antiques, and local handmade items available. Lastly, the Granville Island Public Market is open all day and has lots of food and local shops. Granville Island is a must-see destination for your Vancouver Trip.

Here are some reasons why you must start planning a trip to this unique and beautiful city

Overview of city

A multicultural Hub With Unique Food

Vancouver’s population is a diverse multicultural hub. Nearly 40% of the people calling this city as their home are migrants from other countries; for example, Philippines, India, China, and the United Kingdom. As a result of this, there are many different ethnic styles of food around the city. It’s very easy to find a great meal for under $20 dollars in Vancouver that is an authentic taste of another country. Finding great food should be the least of your concerns on the trip. I suggest trying as many different types of food as you can. The local people here are friendly, hospitable, and helpful. So if you are lost, don’t hesitate to ask a stranger. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but most people will gladly provide help.

The Beautiful Stanley Park

The term “park” induces images of organized paths as well as cultivated lawns. When the Park is covered with dense forest people seldom get lost while enjoying a simple stroll. Even greater than New York City’s Central Park at extra than 4 square kilometers, it is the town’s lung, wherever locals go to rejoice by strolling sideways the extensive seawall. The two hundred kilometers of cycling and walking paths create Stanley one for frequent visits.

Overview of the Pacific Ocean and mountains

A View of the Pacific Ocean

Yes, you acquire the best of both worlds in Vancouver. From the mountains to the ocean, this has it all. The maximum popular summer beaches in the part include Spanish Banks, Kitsilano Beach, Sunset Beach, Jericho Beach, and Second Beach. Kitsilano and Second Beach together have outdoor public swimming pools to relish in the warmer days.

Grouse Mountain

The Grouse Grind, the 853-metre advancement increase is commonly mentioned by the people of Vancouver as the “Mother Landscape’s Stairmaster”. The Mountain appears on the North Shore of the town, providing winter alpine skiing as well as hiking opportunities throughout the summer. The wildlife refuge as well as the glass bubble seeing the podium at the topmost of an air turbine complete the charm of the mountains.

Whistler Mountain

Whistler along with Blackcomb are two mountains which combinedly have over 200 marked runs, 16 alpine bowls, three glaciers, 8,171 acres of terrain, and an average over 1,164 cm of snow yearly. The Whistler Blackcomb has one of the lengthiest ski as well as ride seasons in North America along with lift-accessed mountain biking, alpine hiking in the spring, summer and fall.

Things to Do in Vancouver

There are several fun things to do in Vancouver. Popular attractions comprise a visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, Anthropology Museum, Vancouver Lookout, FlyOver Canada, Science World, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Each day is an adventure and you witness a new beauty of nature at Vancouver.


The climate is not seamless, thanks to its place in the rain tendered Pacific Northwest province. Still, it is a lot better than the rest of Canada. It is rare for the Vancouver to witness a lot of snowing in winter (occasionally there can be a whole year deprived of any snow). Its summer season is quite mild, with long, sunny days. Vancouver gets to experience all the seasons, with its beauty being at the peak during spring and fall.

Summer festivals

During the summer, Vancouver hosts few outstanding (and free) festivals. The one which creates the most buzz is the Carnival of Light, which is the world’s largest offshore fireworks competition—three countries, three nights and three amazing fireworks shows. There is also Italian Day on the drive, the Worldwide Jazz Festival, YVR Food Cart Festival, and much more.

Not to miss that it has been known and voted as one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities in the world. Planning the trip beforehand and booking the tickets at least 3 months prior to the trip will save you a lot of money.

No matter wherever you stay in the city, you will get to see the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Everyone needs to have a break once a while in order to get close to nature, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the earth. Vancouver is one of the best places to relax your mind and take some time out for yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine life.

Many Vancouver travel blog fails to explain the beauty of the place in words and just advice you to list it in your travel list. Plan the trip in summer or fall and soak yourself in the fresh light of the sun watching the beautiful ocean stretched till the end of the horizon.

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