The Importance of Insurance for Canadian Visitors

If you ever take out travel insurance, you are basically covering yourself against the risks during a travel. These risks include cancellation cover (due to an unexpected medical condition), a stolen or lost luggage, and unexpected costs in medical abroad. Canadian visitors should always get their own insurance before visiting this country. Imagine the cost of a small medical emergency while abroad, it could deplete all of your holiday budgets and then some. However, with an ideal travel insurance plan, especially an affordable one from TuGo, it could make your medical costs into a half. 

Like for example, you are currently in the UK as a vacationer or a tourist, but suddenly you have an unexpected medical situation, causing you to visit one of the general practitioners in the country. Just a simple visit could already cost you €150 ($192), and with a hospital bill that could quickly go up into the hundreds of thousands. Having the ideal travel insurance can also provide you with a level of protection against fluctuations in currencies.

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Do Tourists Get Free Healthcare in Canada?

No. While Canada may be known for its universal health care system for its citizens. However, Canada does not pay for any medical services for tourists in the country. Even if you are traveling within provinces in Canada, it is a wise idea to get travel insurance. One bad fall on Whistler mountain can end up costing you more than your whole vacation to Vancouver! That’s why I always recommend finding an ideal travel insurance plan that suits your needs. Make sure you have a good understanding of insurance plans before talking with different providers.

What should My Health Insurance Cover?

For those who want to visit Canada, your health insurance should cover your:

  • Medical Care
  • Repatriation, and
  • Hospitalization

And I recommend that you’d only purchase this insurance after you get your pot of entry (POE), letter of introduction.

What Will Your Ideal Travel Insurance Plan Will Cover?

Here is a quick answer to that question, your ideal travel insurance plan should cover your 24/7 Assistance, Medical expenses, Cancellations, Loss or Delays, and Evacuations. It should do exactly what it sounds, ensure your trip. From baggage to cancellation, to medical bills. On top of what we previously listed, a good Canadian travel insurance plan will also cover:

Cancellation of Trips

This is the top concern of most Canadian visitors. When you plan a trip, you invest money. That includes hotel rooms, plane tickets, tour packages, cruise fare, and more.

If these kinds of expenses are non-refundable and pre-paid, then it’s highly possible that you could lose it. However, if you have an ideal travel insurance plan that covers your trip cancellation, it’ll repay you for all your non-refundable expenses if you needed to cancel your trip before departure.

The insurance company will provide you with a list of valid reasons to cover and cancel your trip. Here is an overview of covered reasons that could cancel your trip:

  • Work Commitments
  • Your travel supplier’s bankruptcy.
  • Attending Jury duty.
  • Injury, sickness, or death of a traveling companion, a family member, or you.
  • When a hurricane cancels your flight or has damaged your destination.

This is only just a partial list of valid reasons, but you can see that it mostly covers up the most common situations or incidents.

There are two types of this coverage. One is the Trip Cancellation Coverage, it is already mentioned above, and two is the Trip Interruption Coverage.

The Trip Interruption Coverage is quite similar to the previous one. However, the difference is that it covers you during your trip, but with the same set of list of covered reasons.

Delayed Flight, Lost Bags, Delayed Bags

Here are a few types of coverage that are good to have:

Travel Delayed Coverage

This coverage could provide a reimbursement for extra expenses if you have a delayed flight, this includes your meal in a restaurant or for an extra night in the hotel.

Baggage Coverage

It can repay you for your lost, stolen, or damaged personal baggage.

Baggage Delay Coverage

This coverage will provide you with money to buy needed items, this is for only until your delayed bags arrive.

Medical Emergencies Abroad

Medical emergency coverage is not the same as your own health care insurance plan. Most health insurances in your home country don’t cover your medical expenses abroad. Once you leave your home country, the insurance is useless. 

Who is the best Canadian Travel Insurance Provider?


Our TuGo Travel Ideal Insurance Review

In our opinion, TuGo takes care of its customers better than anyone else. TuGo provides the most ideal travel insurance for Canadian visitors. TuGo creates great relationships with their customers and makes travel stressfree. If you are feeling sick, or suffer through an injury, TuGo has you covered.

Medical care cost can ruin a vacation and your return home. Especially if you don’t prepare for any mishaps or emergencies by getting an ideal travel insurance plan. TuGo’s Visitor to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance has many comprehensive benefits, including coverage for emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury, doctors’ fees, ambulance services. TuGo is my ideal travel insurance provider for Canadian travelers as they provide some Canada plan-specific features: 

TuGo Travel Insurance Canada plan-specific features

  1. Worldwide travel and visits to your home country – This feature is valid as long as you spend the most of your time in Canada. However, any expenses incurred while visiting your home country won’t be covered.
  2. Waiting period – if you don’t buy travel insurance before you’re in Canada, not to worry – you can buy insurance for Canadian travelers when you get here!
    1. No waiting period on sickness if your coverage is purchased before arriving in Canada.
    2. 48-hour waiting period on sickness if your coverage is purchased within 60 days of arrival in Canada.
    3. 7-day waiting period on sickness if your coverage is purchased 61 days or more after arrival in Canada.
  3. Flexible sum insured options – TuGo provides the most flexible prices for their travel insurance plans. No matter what your budget, TuGo has a plan for you.
  4. Three follow-up visits – If you need to visit the doctor after emergency medical treatment, you’re entitled to 3 follow-up visits. These visits must take place within 14 days of your initial emergency medical treatment.
  5. Pre-existing Condition Coverage – TuGo Travel insurance covers anyone under 69 or with a pre-existing condition.

In terms of additional coverage, TuGo travel insurance provides non-medical options like Baggage Insurance and Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption. No matter what type of visitor you are or where your Canadian adventure takes you, make sure you travel prepared with a comprehensive Visitor to Canada travel insurance plan. And who knows, the vast landscapes, incredibly diverse culture, and overly-polite residents may just convince you to make the move!

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