How To Find the Best Hotel Deal for your British Columbia Vacation:

The natural beauty of Whistler turns it into an amazing tourist spot. People from all across the world travel to Whistler every year. Whistler is located north of Vancouver, British Columbia. It features one of the largest ski resorts in the North America continent. Thousands of tourists visit here every year for snowboarding, tobogganing, snowshoeing, dirt biking, hiking, and also for ski jumping. Whistler was used for most ski and snowboard activites during the 2010 Olympics.

Vancouver has been a tourist hotbed for the better parts of the last 30 years due to stunning parks, nearby hikes, beautiful beaches, exciting entertainment. The town is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Vancouver offers a great public transit system that you can use to get around to nearby cities for an affordable price. If you are considering a trip to Vancouver, use our Translink guide. It inform you of how to get from point A to point B for your Vancouver vacation. 

Your trip to Vancouver or Whistler will certainly be a memorable vacation if you find the perfect accommodation. Follow the information in this page and you’ll be choosing the perfect Vancouver and Whistler hotel deal for your holiday.

The Ideal Vancouver or Whistler Location:

There are some great Vancouver hotels at affordable prices across the city. Don’t focus solely on trying to find the cheapest one. Choose a location centrally around where you want to be in Vancouver. We recommend downtown as it is close to the main attractions such as Granville Island, Stanley Park, and Grouse Mountain. It is also easy to get to downtown via public transit. Many people choose a cheap location away from the main holiday spot. They think they are saving money by getting the cheapest hotel, but essentially they spend a lot on transportation. So make sure you have a list of the important things you want to do and plan around it. 

Finding a perfect deal online Using a Booking Website:

There are many online platforms, promising to offer impressive hotel deals for Vancouver and Whistler. Expedia, Trivago,, KAYAK, Booking and Agoda. For every vacation, people rely on these platforms to find the deal deal. To get the most out of it, use these platforms as a comparison tool. First, When you are comparing deals across platforms, make sure they are all offering the same ammenities. Even though and Expedia may have similar rooms listed, they may not have access to the same checkout time, other perks. Next, If you see a room you like on one website, see if you can find it on another website for a lesser price. Finding the best hotel deal is all about being a wise consumer.  Always cross check every aspect of your booking to other platforms before confirming anything.

Know the total accommodation Cost And Stay Within Budget:

When planning for a trip, cost is often one of the most important things to account for in a trip. Make sure you have a firm budget of what you can spend. When online booking, don’t get too excited about an offer until you see the final price. On so many of these platforms there are very high fees that are later added onto the price at the checkout. I do anecdotally believe that Expedia has the lowest rates. This does not necessarily mean Expedia will always offer the cheapest hotels. Ignoring the additional taxes and rates will easily have you over budget. So when you get to the checkout, you often find you’re pay for more on Agoda, or other Online booking platforms than you are with Expedia. Don’t jump for joy until you’re at the checkoput with the best price.

Expedia Often Offers the Best Final Price:

As someone who has friends come into town a lot, Expedia is consistently the best place to find a hotel deal in Vancouver or Whistler. Expedia is chosen by thousands of tourists from all across the globe and it has always offered reliable information. Their website endorses all the amenities included in most hotels. They have the largest amount of hotel deals for most cities, and they have the best travel rewards program. For so many reasons, Expedia is the best choice booking your hotel or vacation package to Vancouver and Whistler.